Camp Lone Star Rescue, Inc.

About us
Welcome to Camp Lone Star Rescue! Camp Lone Star Rescue (CLSR) is a Texas non-profit corporation, and has been granted 501(c)(3) status as a tax exempt corporation by the Internal Revenue Service.

Camp Lone Star Rescue was started by a small group of volunteers who are committed to rescuing Cairn Terriers and high Cairn-mixes. Most of our rescues come from kill shelters, owner surrenders, backyard breeders and puppymills in the Texas-Oklahoma-Louisiana-Arkansas region. The Cairns we rescue are first quarantined, brought up-to-date on medical treatment (including shots, neutering, and heartworm preventative) and then placed in foster homes. The foster homes then evaluate their behavior for placement into adoptive homes.

On behalf of all the rescue dogs that will benefit from your interest in Camp Lone Star Rescue, thank you so much.

"Until there are one!"

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