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Age:2 yrs
Weight:12 lbs

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Benjamin is a very sweet little boy. He loves to spend his day near people - laying at your feet while you work at home, playing catch with his tennis ball, and going on walks. He does not often pull on his leash or try to bite it, but prefers to make frequent stops on walks to smell the great outdoors. <\P>

Inside, he has done quite well with potty training. He has had no accidents in his crate at night and seems quite uninterested in "marking" his territory, but will occasionally have a small accident when he gets overly excited. He requires a bit of coaxing (usually a small treat works great) to get into his crate at night, but then sleeps through the night.

Benjamin does not currently live with any animal siblings, but does not seem hostile to other dogs when he meets them on walks. And, while he currently does not live with children, he seems to like them quite a bit when he meets them outside! I would suggest, however, that his home not have very small children (under the age of 10, perhaps) as he can be very lively when he plays. Overall, Benjamin is a wonderful little boy who would love to grow up with a loving family! <\P>

If you'd like to meet Benjamin and learn more about him, please fill out our online application and someone will be in touch with you very soon. Thank you for supporting cairn rescue. <\P>

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